(Success, Perserverence, Inspiration, Recovery, Influence, and Transformation)


was inspired by true events, I found God while I was doing a ten year sentence in Lansing Correctional Facility. God was revealed to me in a powerful way and he has performed a miracle in my life. I pray that the words God has put on my heart will bring anyone who reads these newsletters some sort of peace, inspiration, encouragement, and direction in their lives.

S.P.I.R.I.T Ministries is a non profit entity for the Lord. It’s sole purpose is to exalt the name Jesus Christ to the fullest. Why? Because he has a great plan for your life once his grace is showered upon you. I strive to share the Good News with anyone who will listen. I just want you to experience the unspeakable joy that he has given me that you may be free as well. Any donation that you make to S.P.I.R.I.T Ministries goes directly to his work. For example, I write a newsletter and I send it out to many people.  There are many people out there that are less fortunate than others and don’t have the access to a computer. I and a few other brothers and sisters travel to other cities to bring the Good News, to take supplies where tragedies have occurred, to help other people who may not have  food or money to pay a bill, or simply just to volunteer our time to help other members of God’s family to serve others in need. It’s growth has taken off and I can not do this on my own.

So please, before you decide to make a contribution to do the Lord’s work, pray about it and listen to what he has to say. Always remember, that it doesn’t matter how much you give to share God’s love, you will be blessed from the Father above who sees when you give cheerfully.

Now unto Him that is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. Ephesians 3:20. Why? Because the blood that Jesus Christ shed on the cross for you and me makes all things possible with God. No doubt!



125 Responses to About

  1. Pastor Felix says:

    Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.
    I am happy to write to you and tell you that I was moved with what you teach in your web-site. I request you and your church ministry to extend your church and true pillars of faith into our young fellowship here in Kenya. I really desire your mission covering ours and that you give us more directives in church planting and leadership.
    Many blessing in Jesus Name!
    God bless you.
    Pastor Felix.

  2. J Lapis says:

    This is SO Uplifting–You GO, Brother!! Including you with all the other bloggers on my nightly prayer list–that your needs will be met more than sufficiently by His grace and provision; that you stay healthy and strong; that you receive wisdom as you share your story–for His Word will not return void; our testimonies are part of His word, in that they reflect His saving grace and glorify Him. Remember to always REST IN HIM–we make ourselves available as branches, Jesus (the Vine) does the work. God bless you BIG! Sis Jael

  3. pastor japheth says:

    our wonderfufll god bless you abunndantly as you are thinking
    a bout my juiing to christan .our main a lm is to spread the
    gospel of the lord all over the worid so let us come
    together and preach to the people of god AMEN
    am making humbie prayer request to our father .that he mey
    touch you hearts that we can be partines in kenya sinc we
    are allbrothers and sisters born of him .my you remain blessed
    in jesus name AMEN AND AMEEN . Bisides the gospel we are
    invoived in pity and compassionate ,ministries .we are taking
    care of ophans and a wldows amen .lf it was not god,s will
    erery iniriduai was to dle .AMEN pastor

  4. pastor japheth says:

    Holy greetings to you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord, savior and redeemer. Grace to you and peace from our Father and Lord Jesus Christ.


    >I’m writing from Kenya and it was by the grace of our Mighty Lord that I visited your Web Pages via the internet and was privileged to find your contact. After prayerfully reading your website, I was spiritually charged, moved and thrilled since I came to realize that we shared a common faith in the Lord.


    >We’re a young growing Ministry whose major aim is to plunder hell to populate heaven. By so doing we practice Bible studies, Prayer and evangelism to various areas to meet and restore more lost souls.


    >Besides the Gospel, Our ministry is dedicated to changing lives and bringing hope to children in need. Our vision: a world where children are living as disciples of Christ, free from spiritual, economic and social poverty.


    >I’m making a humble prayer request to our father that He may touch your hearts that we can be in partnership since we’re all brothers and sisters born of Him. And this I pray all discernment; that you may approve the things that are excellent that you may be sincere and without offense till the day of Christ


    >Secondly I would to invite you to come and fellowship with us and see the work that I am doing. It would be great for you will have a chance to teach your sound doctrine to us, preach, baptize and also establish your mission work here in Kenya . There’s only body and one spirit, Just as you were called in hope of your calling, One Lord, One faith, One baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all in you all.


    >I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine making request for you all with joy for we are hoping to be in fellowship with you. Being confident of this very thing, that “He has began a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ” just as it is right for me to think this of you all since I have you in my heart.


    >A ministry well done by His faithful servants brings Glory and Honor to God!


    >We wish you God’s blessings for time and eternity, make you complete in every good work to do His will as ye faithfully labor in Him as you look forward to extend your love to us.


    >May the peace and grace which cometh fro from Jesus Christ who hath loved and gaveth us everlasting consolation be with you.I you wish to send us any books that can help us spiritually,I will appreciate very much together with my Church members.


    >pastor onchiri

  5. God bless you and be ever joyful!:0)


    Grace and peace be unto you from God our Father and The Lord Jesus Christ.First i am very much glad and thankful to God for directing me to your website ministry.I am pastor Job and i do have a church and my desire is to be part of your church ministry from Kenya.God wants your ministry to reach the people of Kenya.
    We are a new church that begun in the year 2010 and we have been praying to God to direct us to a church that we will be part of that will help us in our spiritual growth.We thank God for answering our prayers through your ministry and we give all honour and glory to Him AMEN.
    GOD BLESS you

    pastor Japhet onchiri

    • Hallelujah and praise the most high God. That is so awesome to hear my brother. It is an honor and a privelage to be part of God’s great plan. You are in my prayers. God bless you all.

  7. Freedom!!!!!!!! Thank you God!!!!!!!!

  8. Jenom says:

    God bless your ministry brother.

  9. Thank you and God bless you for the encouraging words.

  10. Good to hear from you brother, and I will do that, never give up bro. God bless you.

  11. Thank you and it isn’t:) It’s getting better though. God bless you.

  12. Thank you my brother, your blog is filled with great enrichment, I would point anyone that direction. God bless you.

  13. Blessings to you as well, you are welcome.

  14. God bless you and thank you my friend.

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  16. You are welcome, and now I am following yours. God bless.

  17. Well thank you brother and I will continue dropping by. Many blessings to you and yours.

  18. Mike, your words do inspire as well as your heart and spirit! I did not leave a message here before, because there was no need, just the name of your blog site and what I felt from it was enough. God has done an awesome miracle in your life, you humbled your self to him and he brought about the needed change, so that His love which performed the miracle of change within you can now blossom through the words you share with everyone else. Not many can give themselves to completely to God, but self has to die first to bring about change. The happiness that he planted within you through his spirit shines brightly through your smiling words. I am a disabled vet but I love the lord about everyone and everything. I joyfully embrace your genuine words each day…as we are both part of that same living vine, sharing selflessly His love to others. God bless you and have a wonderful weekend my brother!

  19. Indeed He is, He never stopped. If you ever read the book of Hebrews you will see that it says He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Many blessings to you.

  20. Hi Michael. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post. Your testimony is encouraging as I have a nephew still “in” yet I hold on to what God promised He will do in my nephew’s life. Grace and peace be multiplied to you. Vanessa

  21. Thank you Mikee, I give God all glory, honor, and praise. God bless you.

  22. Thank you, I accept that with great faith and I give God all glory honor and praise. Things are absolutely wonderful, thank you for asking. I have never experienced such joy in my heart.

  23. You are truly welcome and many blessings to you. Have a wonderful day.

  24. truthofgods says:

    Just checking in brother..

  25. Indeed I will, my number is still the same. 7854187150

  26. What can I say? I give God all glory, honor, and praise. Hallelujah my brother. I still pray for you and often wonder what happened to you. You were like Hoodini and disappeared on me. That would be cool, we could get together some time, just let me know when and maybe we could make arrangements.

  27. Dude, for real, who would of ever thought. Wow! God is good man. I know, isn’t this crazy brother. I am still in awe. I still work at Fashion and I am now the Supervisor. Many good things have happened to me bro. So where do you live now and what are you doing with yourself? Good to hear from you man and congratulations, and God bless you and yours.

  28. truthofgods says:

    May God continue to enlighten you…

  29. truthofgods says:

    God said he would silence our enemies..

    • This is Michael, what’s up? What is the great news that you are speaking of. I’m off to work so I will see what you have to say this evening. However, I am truly excited to hear it. God bless and have a wonderful day.

  30. truthofgods says:

    How do you feel brother

  31. truthofgods says:

    Are you having a better day today brother..

  32. truthofgods says:

    its spiritual warfare..they cannot see the unseen..

  33. truthofgods says:

    God exalts not man..Man is jealous, envious, and evil..Pray for them and forgive them..God will do the rest..

    • Thank you for your kind words, the words of encouragement, and the good advice. And I do believe you are correct about the petty squabbles and childishness that often arise. Once again thank you and God bless you.

  34. truthofgods says:

    Would you like to share..

  35. truthofgods says:

    Hello Brother..how are things..

  36. Thank you very much for your kindness and words of encouragement. Many blessings to you.

  37. truthofgods says:

    Hey brother..How are you..

  38. Thank you and God bless.

  39. I absolutely love what you and your ministry are about. I try to serve the Lord in a similar way with my writing. May God bless and keep you in all that you do for Him.

  40. tinapumfrey says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. May God contine to bless you in your work! It’s amazing how God transforms us and draws so much more out of us than we ever envisioned. He will keep you strong.

  41. truthofgods says:


  42. truthofgods says:

    I have not spoken to you for awhile my Brother..

  43. truthofgods says:

    Yes you are right..be careful though because the devil will give you your weaknesses to trip you up..

    • How are you doing these days my friend! God is so good, so good! I haven’t been on here for sometime because I have been crazy busy with my new job. Hope all is well with you and yours. Please pray for me and my daughters and reconciliation of my family, means everything to me.


  44. truthofgods says:

    I am so glad to hear this..a break through..Amen

  45. truthofgods says:

    Hello brother..How have you been..

  46. truthofgods says:

    Brother did you follow up on maven or not…

  47. takerfakers says:

    God bless you and your ministry, fellow pilgrim. He is risen!

  48. truthofgods says:

    Check you email now Brother

  49. truthofgods says:

    Brother I sent the Invitation to alovan66@gmail.com is this correct…

  50. truthofgods says:

    Brother I need your first and last name..

  51. truthofgods says:

    Together Brother we can change the world for Christ..Did you receive the invitation..

  52. truthofgods says:

    Brother maybe you should join maven,,I can send you an invitation..

  53. truthofgods says:

    How was you day Brother..

  54. truthofgods says:

    How have you been my dear brother in Christ..

  55. truthofgods says:

    God bless you my Brother in Christ..

  56. truthofgods says:

    Be blessed my Brother in Christ..

  57. truthofgods says:

    God is an awesome God Brother

  58. truthofgods says:

    God is always their when you need him Brother….Never give up

  59. truthofgods says:

    How are you today Brother

  60. truthofgods says:

    Hello brother..I hope you have been blessed since we last spoke…

  61. truthofgods says:

    How are you my Brother in Christ..

    • Yes I have been save, and it was a rewarding experience. My book has only been out for three months and it just keeps getting better. I give all glory to God. And you are quite welcome, God bless you.

  62. thoughts in motion says:

    Whatever god(s) or even goddesses we worship, everything is connected with SPIRIT…I commend you on your Transformation and Awakening and wish you many blessings upon your Spiritual journey 🙂

  63. vonhonnauldt says:

    Thanks for the visit and the like. God delivers us from different prisons, but He delivers all the same.

    God’s best to you.

  64. truthofgods says:

    Thanks for the visit Brother..

  65. Vey nice to read some of your post. Thank you for liking my post. I will look forward to reading more of yours. Peace and Blessing.

  66. truthofgods says:

    I hope all is well Brother

  67. Valarie says:

    God Bless you and your ministry here. Thank you for following “Encouragement for every day” I pray it will be a blessing to your heart. I look forward to sharing more with you in the future.

  68. truthofgods says:

    I would like to find a Good wholesome Christian woman…But I refuse to look because I know I might let my feelings get in the way and that would be a mistake..

  69. truthofgods says:

    If God send someone..I will know because she will put Christ first..If she doesn’t she is not the one..

  70. truthofgods says:

    Brother I have been alone since 2011 and Christ is the only faithful one…So I will just be happy until he comes for me..

  71. truthofgods says:

    Brother how is your weekend going..

  72. truthofgods says:

    How are you my Brother..

  73. wendysmullin says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog and liking The River post. Your story and work are incredible! Thank you for sharing your love for our Savior…it is something we all need more of. May you be blessed in all of your efforts to bring goodness into this world. Your story can touch so many lives.

  74. truthofgods says:

    Thanks for the visit Brother..How are you

  75. truthofgods says:

    I hope all is well Brother..

  76. truthofgods says:

    Thanks for the visit brother..may God bless you

  77. truthofgods says:

    Father God, I ask that you use my Brother in a mighty way, His weakness is your strength, I rebuke the adversary and his lies..He was a liar from the beginning and is a liar now..I ask that you bless my Brother with all you abundance and show him your glory..In the name of Jesus..Amen

  78. truthofgods says:

    Thanks For the visit Brother..How are you..

  79. truthofgods says:

    MayGod continue to bless you Brother

  80. truthofgods says:

    We must stand firm in the gap…

  81. truthofgods says:

    I hope you have had a good day brother…

  82. truthofgods says:

    Heavenly Father, I ask you to bless my Brother in Christ with clarity of mind and pureness of heart, I ask that he receive your blessings according to your riches in Christ, give him encouragement and the patience necessary to work out your divine plan in his life..In the mighty name of Jesus name I pray.Amen.

  83. truthofgods says:

    I hope all is well with you brother..

  84. truthofgods says:

    May God bless you and your family always…

  85. truthofgods says:

    I pray that God continues to bless you and your ministry,

  86. truthofgods says:

    Thanks for the visit..May God bless you and your family.

    Minister Roderick Fowler

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