It’s been a minute since I’ve been on here. How time passes when you’re having so much fun! As you know I took a big step by moving and beginning a new job. I would say it’s almost like starting all over in a sense. So far it has been truly rewarding and a great challenge. I definitely have my work cut out for me.

Proverbs 16:3 says commit your work unto the Lord and your plans will succeed. I’m not even sure what my plans are to be quite honest. I know the Lord wanted me to make this move and I did. It has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. The hardest part is I don’t know anyone. My best friends and family are all hours away from me. That makes it pretty rough. I can’t just jump into my car and go over there like I use to. So it’s been a little rough not being able to do that.

I have been praying that the Lord will place good Christian friends in my life. So I ask that you would be kind enough to pray for me concerning this matter. I know he will do exactly that, I just don’t know when.

The company I work for is pretty awesome. Please pray that they are given more work for the year. The asphalt business is a tough business. Thank you and God bless you all.

Youth leader,




About spiritministries

I am a man who has learned not to rely on my own understanding the hard way. God revealed himself to me two and a half years before I got out of prison. It's the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. There is truly only one way and that is to have a relationship with God. Since my release S.P.I.R.I.T Ministries has came to fruition. We meet every Wednesday night at 7p.m. God asked me to write a book, in 18 months I finished Rock Bottom; Inspired by God, He provided me with a web blog, thank you Andrew, as you can see, I am a motivational-inspirational speaker, and singer. We now have a band known as The Un-Scene, you can find the link on my web site and check it out on face book. I am just a man who was given true life while in prison, freedom, salvation, and unspeakable joy by the grace of God. We go many places to speak and sing for the glory of God. I just want to share what God has done in my life that you may have the opportunity to experience the same joy He gave me. I give God all the glory for everything in my life for I couldn't accomplish anything a part from Him. If ye shall know the truth, the truth shall set you free, John 8:32. If you would like to hear us just contact me and God willing we will remain obedient. God bless you all.
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14 Responses to Prayer

  1. Anonymous says:

    Michael, are you not doing this blog anymore? Don’t know where in Texas you are but are you near enough to Jordan to go and see him? Still praying for you, Big Forty; have never stopped. Sara

    • Hello Sara,

      Sara I am in North Western KS near the Nebraska line at this point in time. I will do something on my blog when I get time. I’m hardly ever home. I am in charge of three different asphalt plants in three different cities. I have a lot on my plate. It’s been crazy. I wrote Jordy awhile back when he came up for parole and he responded quickly. He asked me to speak for him and I was unable to make it to the hearing, however I did fill out the paperwork and send it in. For some reason he never responded to me. I wrote him and asked him what’s up and he didn’t respond. On another tip, I’m doing really well Sara, God has truly blessed me in all I do.

      • Anonymous says:

        So good to hear from you. Wow, you really sound busy! You’ve gone so far in life from when we first met. It’s amazing when you think about it. Got a lot on your plate? Be careful, you know the enemy’s greatest tool to take our focus off the Lord is to keep us busy with day-to-day duties. Jordy- he sent me a letter also when he was coming up for parole; I didn’t respond. Stay on the alert with him, Cutes, he’s a user. You’re his best friend when he wants something and then he’ll drop you like a hot potato. I wonder if he’ll ever be released – I doubt it. Just between us, KS DOC sent him to TX so he would “be with his own”, meaning the AB and you probably know the TX DOJ is dead set on eliminating that organization. And he is still involved and determined to make a name for himself. So the future doesn’t seem very promising. Sad. But enough of that.
        Take care of yourself, don’t get burned out and lose your health. Btw, still working out?

        • Why yes I am still working out, I don’t get lost in the day to day Sara. God is first in all things. So I’m deducing that something happened with you and him since you are saying he is a user? Well that is sad to hear. I mean he could write anytime but he chooses not to. That’s kind of crazy. So I have a question for you? One time you told me that wasn’t you in the pic you sent me, was that the truth, you must be close to 40 by now. I remember you saying it was your aunt or something. So what’s up?

          • Anonymous says:

            Hey Cutes! Merry Christmas! Hope it was a joyful and inspired one. Back to our conversation… the pics were all of me, do you still have them? I still have the ones of you. I think my “aunt” was mentioned one time when we were talking about the cottage. 40 would be a good age to be however I am older than you. Remember when I used to tell you every time you had a birthday that you were catching up to me? And that is what’s up. 😁

            • I see, yes everything went pretty well until I got sick, lol. Then my furnace went out. Sorry for taking so long, been pretty busy. Just don’t get on here much anymore. Don’t know what to write.

              • Anonymous says:

                Kinda sad…we’ve known each other for 13 years and exchanged over 700 letters (yeah, I counted them one time 😄) and now we don’t know what to write. Do you think we talked out everything there was to talk about?

                • I’m not sure, you never know. God knows. Wow, where has the time gone and no wonder my hand hurts.

                • I’ve really been busy Sara, it’s not like I don’t want to talk to you, it’s just that I know things are just complicated right now like, you know, I was thinking about the box of cookies you sent to me when I was living at my sister’s house in Ottawa. Then I started thinking about the cabin by the waters where you would go spend time. I not sure if I was dreaming or not but I know I saw you and then we talked. Have you seen Jennifer Lawrence, I do need to talk to her.

                  God bless

  2. Thank you my hater! Glad you have the courage to remain anonymous. Great character of the devil.

  3. Thank you and God bless, who is this?

  4. leftnfree says:

    Michael, Prayers heading your way my friend! May God quickly establish you in your new location. May He go before you and may you quickly begin to place divine appointments into your path that will end with good Christian friends and may this move be all that God has designed for you. I pray all of these things in Jesus name, Amen

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