I’m going to share a story with you about a man who works with me. The first thing that came to my mind this morning was Psalm 118:24 which says; this is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. I really don’t know how to explain what I felt to be quite honest, somehow I just knew something miraculous was going to happen today.

Let me begin here. My friend was promoted to a Supervising role at the company we work for. He has been struggling with alcohol, making it to work on time, and his wife being disabled. Anyway, as time marched on you could see that the alcohol was winning the battle. I had the opportunity to share with him on many occasions when he would come to my office and talk to me.

He would begin to illustrate how he would talk to grandfather. When he said this, I said so you practice the native American way. He said I sure do, my family has been doing it for generations. However, it doesn’t seem to be doing anything for me. Then he took a leap and asked me to tell him about the Lord. My mind began to race, I was putting sentences together and began speaking the word without hesitation. Somehow I knew this was going to happen just didn’t know when. I spoke with him for approximately an hour and the Holy Spirit left him truly grateful.

When he was about to close my door I said brother, let me leave you with this. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33. He walked away with a smile.

A few weeks had gone by and we talked here and there when given the time and opportunity. One day he didn’t show up for work and my boss came to my office. He stepped in with this look on his face and sat down in front of my other desk. He said you’re not going to believe this, your friend got up for work this morning and found his wife passed away. I couldn’t believe it. I had no words to say. All I could think about was him and what he could possible be going through and how he was feeling.

I tried to call him a few times and he declined to answer. He was already struggling with the alcohol and this event gave him everything he needed to give up. Needless to say I wasn’t about to give up on him. We finally got him back to work and he had to step out of his supervising role. He took it better than many anticipated. I ended up giving him a job and made it a point to speak with him every day. I knew in my heart he was searching and the day came when he laid it all down.

He asked me why this had to happen. I began praying and the Lord gave me Romans

Super Natural

Super Natural

8:28 which says; And God causes all things to work together for the good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose. I said brother sometimes it takes a tragedy in one’s life to open their eyes. I used myself for example. I said when my dad contracted Lou Gehrig’s disease it brought him to something greater than himself. He cried out to God. God knew and my dad knew I didn’t know him so in God’s grand design he used my dad to speak to me right before he passed. God already had it all worked out, he used my dad to save me. So now you have some serious thinking to do. He thanked me and went back to work.

We talked almost every day about the Lord and today was the day he had the courage to ask me a question. It was really cool because we hadn’t spoke all morning because we were busy, however, after lunch he popped his head in my office and said Mike can I ask you a question, I said yes, what’s up? He said would you happen to have an extra bible I could get from you. I said hallelujah! He just started laughing and said no I’m serious. I said so am I, hallelujah! So tomorrow morning I’m taking him a bible that he can begin to read and search.

God is so good. I will say this, this story has a lot more to it, if you could of only been there as it has unraveled to this point you would be more than amazed. So many said there is no hope. God once again took a tragedy and turned it into another awesome testimony. Can I get an Amen! God bless you all, you’re in my prayers.

Youth leader,

About spiritministries

I am a man who has learned not to rely on my own understanding the hard way. God revealed himself to me two and a half years before I got out of prison. It's the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. There is truly only one way and that is to have a relationship with God. Since my release S.P.I.R.I.T Ministries has came to fruition. We meet every Wednesday night at 7p.m. God asked me to write a book, in 18 months I finished Rock Bottom; Inspired by God, He provided me with a web blog, thank you Andrew, as you can see, I am a motivational-inspirational speaker, and singer. We now have a band known as The Un-Scene, you can find the link on my web site and check it out on face book. I am just a man who was given true life while in prison, freedom, salvation, and unspeakable joy by the grace of God. We go many places to speak and sing for the glory of God. I just want to share what God has done in my life that you may have the opportunity to experience the same joy He gave me. I give God all the glory for everything in my life for I couldn't accomplish anything a part from Him. If ye shall know the truth, the truth shall set you free, John 8:32. If you would like to hear us just contact me and God willing we will remain obedient. God bless you all.
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4 Responses to Grace

  1. leftnfree says:

    May Father begin to open this man’s eyes as he begins to read the Word. I praise God for your witness and I will be praying for this man ! Thank you God for this new babe, may Your grace abound him and may he realize how much You love him God. Thank you for Mike and his obedience to Your leading him. Amen

  2. J. Greenwood says:

    This was an AWESOME READ! May Yeshua bless this man and you! The angels are singing! I am singing and praising God on the way He uses others! When we are about God’s business…God does amazing things. Thanks for a great read!

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